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Bedroom Ideas For Women

Bedroom Ideas For Women -  Designing your own bedroom is not difficult thing to do if you know the main principle in interior design. You are able to design your dream bedroom without hiring professional service of interior decorator. Bedroom decoration depends on your gender, personality, and preference. There are many themes which you can choose for women bedroom. You can always get floral garden or pink ruffles theme for feminine touch. However, you can also go with more pleasing and relaxing color schemes such as soft blue and cream. In finding the best bedroom ideas for women, you should consider some ideas below.

Bedroom Theme Ideas for Women Bedroom Ideas For Women

Bedroom Theme Ideas for Women
Relaxing retreat theme can be good bedroom ideas for women. This is especially suitable for hardworking women who want to have a piece of relaxation from their own bedroom. When you are planning to transform your bedroom into relaxing retreat, you should go with soft color palette. There are many options of soft color which you can choose for your bedroom. One of the most popular colors is soft shade of blue. Get tufted headboard in camel shade. It helps you to keep the feminine touch in your bedroom. Go with furniture which has extreme color such as deep brown or white. You might want to go with cherry finished furniture since it blends well with the color. Combine patterned bedding in soft blue or cream color with lamps in coordinating shade. Add accented look to your bedroom with off-white are rug and art which matches well with your bedspread.
Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Women Bedroom Ideas For Women

Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Women
Pink is popular option among women and bedroom ideas for women. Many women consider pink is the symbol of femininity. You are wrong if you think pink is suitable for teenager. Pink is still good option for adults women. However, you should avoid some pink color types like hot pink. Instead, you should choose fuchsia and baby pinks since these colors are more acceptable for women. If you have enough budgets, you are recommended to replace the existing hardware on your furniture with pink glass drawer pulls or knobs. This will add feminine and vintage touch. Decorate your bedroom with curtains in cream or camel shade. Use patterned rugs and throws with understated pink accents. The combination will create complete pink atmosphere. If you want to add feminine touch, you should display jewelry on the dresser top than storing it in jewelry box.
Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Women Bedroom Ideas For Women

Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Women
Another option of bedroom ideas for women is Asian Quarters. With this decoration theme, you can bring Asian style into your bedroom. The main highlight of this room theme is red color. You can paint the wall with rich shade of red. You can offset the harshness of the deep shade with sponge technique. It will blot the color onto the walls. You are recommended to use traditional headboard. You can mount shoji screen printed with Asian symbol to the wall behind the bed. Find the bedding which has rich orange or brown and red shades to accent the walls. Complete the look with accessories which have red, black, and authentic Asian accessories. Some accessories for your Asian bedroom are including Japanese tea set and bamboo painting. There are other bedroom ideas for women which you can choose. Just ensure to choose the theme which suits your personality.

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